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The World through My Eyes Competition 2013

SWARTE interviewed by ART Scene Today

Q: Where do you see yourself in the art scene today?

A: We see ourselves as story tellers in visual formats. What we intend to do is to transcend the barriers of beauty for the sake of truth. We build up messages about the contemporary world and communicate them while using mixed media techniques (starting with body art, drawing, till we get the final photography and the “surrounding words” we use as frames). We started SWARTE together to have a venue for an open source of imagination transforming modern mental images into provocative art that can be entirely perceived, only when involving all five senses at once. We are connecting people with a large amount of ideas and visions that are supposed to encourage the fulfilling of personal dreams in a colorful, provocative and intriguing manner.

Q: What is in your inspiration?

A: Whenever we start creating a new series the only thing we have in mind is to do so on a contemporary level. Whatever we choose to talk about might start from a topic as old as ancient history, but we struggle to define it in a way that is totally up to date in both literary and visual formats. For instance, “One square meter of roots”, started from the current financial crisis and our piece is based on the fundamental elements that define humanity. Even so, we do not intend to glue the mind of a viewer to our personal way of thinking. On the contrary we want his/her imagination to flow.

Q: What are your challenges?

A: Our art is supposed to register big problems and influence the world towards a better future. It is clearly not its role to offer 100% clear answers but it is in its power to raise fundamental questions and to invite a personal reflection when it comes to the definition of tomorrow.

Q: How did you/do you choose your medium?

A: For us it is always about human beings and their environment/culture, so it was almost natural that we decided to use the human body in order to tell a story which had to be rounded in the background by a complementary drawing and then was unified in a moment of photography able to transmit the total message in another visual format. We intend to stick to the method for a while, even if we decide to use different techniques (which might definitely have a different impact for the viewer) while building up the stories of our next series.

Q: Which artist has influenced you the most?

A: We are really inspired by artists who create strong concepts/messages behind the images they expose, but who are, on the other hand able to generate a great impact/ emotion. JR is the artist we admire the most, as he has such a powerful way in which he communicates his ideas, that are, on a lovely counterpart, based on simple, fragile but essential notions. Joan Mitchell expressionism is also a great inspiration as she is also looking for the core while somehow “neglecting the packaging”. In most  cases we are influenced by philosophy and literature in general as the stories we create are the ones that further build up the visual image. Therefore the last one comes pretty natural as a follow of the message it contains and is actually inspired totally by it.

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