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CollabCubed about SWARTE

It’s hard not to think of Gotye’s Someone that I Used to Know video when looking at these works by Romanian duo Swarte. But love, anger, and heartbreak don’t seem to be on Corina Olaru and Manuela Vulpescu’s agenda.

Solo exhibition in Stuttgart/Germany

It was one night in Bucharest, during one of the short visits I sometimes do there, in order to meet old friends and catch up with what is still going on all over Europe. I was invited to an official dinner and suddenly and somehow unexpectedly I met them: the SWARTE girls. We chatted about here and there, life in Romania, future of the world and so it came up an amazing vision they had about the world’s face of tomorrow. “One square meter of roots” reduces us to the basics of humanity and rebuilds the strong pylons we can count on while on crisis. They are the fundamental little things that define us as human beings and help us building up confidence for the rest of our days. It was not only the concept in itself, the courage they had to express and construct but also the way in which they decided to firstly respect