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Solo exhibition in Stuttgart/Germany

It was one night in Bucharest, during one of the short visits I sometimes do there, in order to meet old friends and catch up with what is still going on all over Europe. I was invited to an official dinner and suddenly and somehow unexpectedly I met them: the SWARTE girls. We chatted about here and there, life in Romania, future of the world and so it came up an amazing vision they had about the world’s face of tomorrow. “One square meter of roots” reduces us to the basics of humanity and rebuilds the strong pylons we can count on while on crisis. They are the fundamental little things that define us as human beings and help us building up confidence for the rest of our days. It was not only the concept in itself, the courage they had to express and construct but also the way in which they decided to firstly respect

When Sun created the world

The Sun wished to see some land, and he told the beaver to dive down to the bottom of the water and to try to bring up a little mud so that he can make something marvelous out of it. The beaver dived and was under water for a long time, but he could not reach the bottom. Then other two animals tried, but the water was too deep for them too. In the end a turtle was sent into the ocean. It stayed there for so long that everyone thought it must be drowned. Finally it came up and while they were looking to his paws they found a little mud in them.

Ainu or the sense of tradition

On the other side of the island a lovely woman is enjoying her independency and laughs at the sun, still being aware that she has to remain extremely beautiful if she decides to marry Ainu one day. She feels totally safe and relaxed as her grandma prepared everything in advance. The big secret of happiness was just a simple tattoo that was brought to earth by the ancestral mother and so she decided to have it done.  This tattoo was supposed to repel evil spirits from entering her body causing sickness or misfortune. Even more, it was powerful enough to assure her life after death together with her beloved ones.

How far can we go?

They do not own land, holiday houses or apartments. They are everywhere and nowhere; they need no money; they know no time; they are indebted to no one, aside from their God and themselves. No one knows when they are coming, where they are coming from, and where they are headed. Their rhythm is determined by day and night, ebb and flow, rainy times and dry times. Their children are born on the water, grown up on the water, marry on the water, and finally die on the water.

Love your own city! Color it!

An amazing form of urban art is spreading in cities all over the world.  Urban Video Mapping allows buildings to become alive, to move, transform and even communicate!
Incredible videos are projected on urban architecture, telling stories and having such an impact while creating such strong emotions that one has no other chance but to stop, embrace it, photograph it and share it with all dear ones.
How would you like to see your own city, covered in art? Celebrate New Year’s Eve, or enjoy your summers in a colorful manner! Be proud of your own town and make it a permanent attraction and a holiday place!

An artists’ statement

I would rather define the current global crisis as being basically a spiritual one as it reflects the level of conscious evolution of the human species. It is, therefore, hard to imagine that it could be resolved without a radical inner transformation of humanity on a large scale and its rise to a higher level of emotional maturity and spiritual awareness.

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